Laser Tattoo Removal

Adore MediSpa’s laser technology is used to target the ink of a tattoo and to apply localized pulses of light, designed to diminish the tattoos pigment clusters. Pulsed light passes through the skins outer layer and is absorbed by the ink; the light then transforms into heat, creating the ink to break down into smaller, more controllable particles. The tattoo fades and eventually disappears as the bodies lymphatic system begins to start filtering these particles out over several weeks’ time.

Main Benefits

The following are the main advantages of the Laser Tattoo Removal treatment:

  • Effective treatment, resulting in dramatic disappearance of tattoo after several sessions.
  • Treatment is safe and non-invasive, no anesthetic required but optional.
  • Procedure achieves results on tattoos of all sizes and colours of ink.
  • SharpLight technology targets specific tattooed area leaving surrounding area intact which creates a much less painful and comfortable treatment.


  • <1”
  • 1”-2”
  • 3”-4”
  • 5”-9”
  • 10”-16”
  • 17”-25”
  • 26”-35”
  • >35”


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Cancellations: Must be 48-hour cancellation notice prior to scheduled appointment.